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Hydraulic Cylinders

We have an excellent team of qualified technicians with over 50 years of combined hydraulic, pneumatic, and machining experience. We are very proud to give our customers the quality they deserve. Give us the opportunity to make a positive difference and save your company downtime and money.


The hydraulic cylinder reseal process consists of disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and evaluation of all parts. We check for rod straightness and polish the rod. We have the capabilities to manufacture a new rod if necessary. The tube will be light honed with a cross hatch to insure a proper sealing surface and we always use the highest quality seals during the assembly process. The gland and piston are sand blasted and cleaned. JAG will properly torque the rod nut and pressure test the cylinder to a minimum of 3000 psi to make sure the component will withstand even the toughest environment. We provide a six month warranty on all repaired components. All cylinders are painted and prepared for delivery. We have the ability to work on mobile and industrial cylinders.


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